Thanku so much . The only change I made was to add 1 cup of raisins, as I love them. Super love d cookies . THANK YOU!! Then sprinkled some dark chocolate and almonds. My new go to oatmeal cookie. I have been searching for the “ultimate” crispy oatmeal raisin cookie for my husband. Thanks and these look great! Beware: If you make ice cream cookie sandwiches out of these and leave them in the freezer for a day, your life will be forever changed. What a great idea! and he would not share his recipe! Shilonda Rawlings – These cookies turn out best when using old-fashioned oats (not the minute/quick oatmeal). I have several of Maida’s books but I don’t recall seeing this one…looks fabulous! Good luck! Frankly, any extra ingredient you might wish to add will work. These are the most satisfying crunch-offering cookies. Its divine!! The almond adds a nice secondary flavor. I usually store them in a covered container but if you want them to stay extra crispy, you can try storing them uncovered (if you live in a humid environment, they will soften no matter what). Because they have less surface area and are more ground, they usually absorb more liquid in a cookie recipe. But taking Mel to task for using a standard US butter measurement? I think it’s because I just came downstairs to find my 3-year-old singing the lyrics to Cardi B’s WAP and I rage-typed an email to her babysitter. Thanks for the recipe! I added cinnamon and orange peel for my tastes. Then on my 2nd attempt, I used 2 sticks (1cup). Just pulled them out of the oven and they are to die for! Im Korean and i dont like desserts that r too sweet but this is just right! Good luck! Would it be OK to refrigerate the dough or even freeze it? Loved them, and I’m picky about my oatmeal cookies. Those who like the thick and chewy oatmeal cookies, and those who prefer a thin and crispy oatmeal cookie. I noticed there is no eggs in this recipe. How could anyone not love these?! Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a73468facdd82691f539e0ac15338c51" );document.getElementById("c37d689fb6").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar, I found them a bit dry, so I added about 1/4 cup of milk. I cannot wait to try these! It definitely helps contribute to the crispiness. Combine butter and sugars in your mixing bowl. Checked my oven twice to be sure. If you want to go crazy, make some ice cream sandwiches with coconut ice cream ( we are lucky enough to have a local ice cream shop that has tat as a seasonal flavor). These are amazing!! So flavorful and crunchy, yet chewy and perfect for the comfy fall season. These were an amazing hit! You’re in good company! Hi Mel, I would love to make a peanut butter version of this recipes. Whisk together flour, sugar, brown sugar, baking soda, salt and spices in a large bowl. Frighteningly fabulous. Shoot. Your recipe turn out very good, I will keep it. The bottom of the cookies were burnt in a little over 5 minutes. I used 1 1/2 c butter (3sticks) coz at first I thought it requires 4 sticks. Usually rolled oats and old-fashioned oats are referring to the same thing. Thanks for sharing! This is – without a doubt – the best oatmeal cookie ever. And then for some reason, the golden halves of cookie dripping in icy milk had me rethinking my staunch refusal and I decided to take one little taste. Loved this! I would love to try these cookies, but sadly I am very allergic to eggs. I know that food purists say that a stick of butter can have varying amounts of salt and maybe because I consistently buy my butter from the same store, I don’t have over-salted issues. These are best oatmeal cookies we’ve had…my husband loves thin and crispy and I love chewy but these have all of it. Have you tried to make these cookies sugar free? Now thanks to you I have it again. I don’t know why Maida called them “Aspen” unless it has something to do with being rich. So for me, I will add about 15 mins. Haha! Oh and they can be stored for ages…. My beloved Australian husband has never understood the allure of soft, chewy cookies. I added raisins. With the second batch, I added 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut. That’s my opinion. What about adding some raisins? . Thanks be to Google, it’s actually pretty easy to do conversions! Hi Mel, LOVE your recipes! oh my gosh ur right! Meredith, thanks for the bit of trivia. Thanks very much! Perfect crispy edges and slightly soft centers make these hard to resist! These came out perfect. I am baking on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. Yes, these are great. I’m so happy to hear that, Lora! I make something similar and top with melted chocolate chips/PB. Oatmeal cookies are not in my top favorite, well they weren’t anyways until now! Baked longer for color and crispiness. Until my sweet sons started dipping these crispy oatmeal cookies into their glasses of frothy, cold milk. Great with a bit of dark chocolate drizzled on them. I’ve already commented on how good these cookies are, but I’ve now made two batches in a week, and with the exception of half a dozen that I gave to a neighbor, I have to confess that I ate each and every one myself. Alas I don’t have the recipe, but I am going to try yours this week because they look and sound exactly like hers. every person that tried them immediately asked for the recipe. I had all but given up trying recipes when I came across yours! Hi Mel- Pls let me know so I can try these, Three fourths of a teaspoon of baking powder equals 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/4 teaspoon. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. However, in recipes that have called for unsalted butter, I usually decrease the salt just a tad since I’m using salted butter. A bit of history, they go back to the 1800’s . Been looking for a recipe like this for years. Best ever. Next time I will try to add a little cinnamon. I might love them the most! Wow. My yield was 14, so they were considerably bigger than the cookies pictured with the recipe. My recipes always reflect that change if I’ve made one. I skipped the baking soda because I have the “double acting” baking powder and I find my brand of baking soda leaves a weird smell/taste. I was going to take some to work but that will be a next time I’m keeping these( what’s left of them) morning I’m going to try next time using unbleached flour  to make it a little bit healthier. Thanks so much for sharing!! In a large bowl (of a stand mixer or with a handheld electric mixer), beat the butter, granulated sugar and brown sugar together until just combined, about 20 seconds. (her recipe called for baking at 300 for exactly 20 minutes..and lining the pan w/ waxed paper, not greasing!). I love soft and chewy cookies, and I love thin and crispy cookies. I usually add roasted pecans to my crisp topping, but I never thought about doing this. The crispiness is divine. Just break off one more little bite! I will make these all the time now. I did add 1 tsp cinnamon. Makes about 12. Crunchy and wonderful. I’m trying to figure out what it could have been as all my ingredients were fresh and just been bought. These would be perfect for homemade ice cream sandwiches — dipped in chocolate. Then I found this recipe. Love these cookies! Let the bars cool completely [I know very hard!!] I didn’t add enough sugar and same thing happened didn’t spread or get crispy. I put “Scotch Tea Cookies” in Google and found this. You might have made them exactly right! I love crisp cookies. These cookies are great and the measurements were easy to follow. The batch I made with regular rolled oats was more “crunchy” than “crispy”  Both are delicious but I preferred the more delicate texture of the quick oats version, This is my favorite recipe.I tweek it sometimes depending on the occasion.I’ve probably used this 60 times.Never a bad review.Always a hit at Christmas n Birthdays.Best crisp n Chewy cookie .EVER……Thanks Mel. I haven’t done that so you could experiment with quantities – maybe 1/2 cup each? In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and salt; set aside. Thin and crispy with 1/2 cup raisins added. Wowza!!! The first batch out of the oven were a little too crispy but good. Could I have not cooked them long enough or made the size too big. I substituted the brown sugar measure (1/4 cup) for 4 packets of Splenda and I substituted the white sugar measure (1/2 cup) for brown sugar. , It is the best crispy oatmeal cookie! These cookies are incredible! Thank you so much. are you serious, don’t be a troll. Although the taste is scrumptious, the cookies spread out so much that they look like ‘lace’ cookies. Now I’m really ready for the holidays. My husbands likes raisins in the cookies, so I did add half a cup (I saw another ‘fan’ did also). Thanks. These are delicious yet simple cookies! Technology, am I right! Just made these and they are perfectly scrumptious. My husband loves thin, crispy cookies so I will make a batch of these for him. Not only are they crispy, they are delicious. Wonderful in the crisp cookie surroundings. How long do the cookies last? I used to buy the unsalted for baking/cooking purposes, but more often than not they got confused in application and it became not worth it. these are truly the perfect oatmeal cookies! Finally a great recipe!!! Loosen the soft, gunky mess with a knife and let it cool on rack for about 30 minutes. Instructions. I just haven’t. Still not diet food by any stretch of the imagination but not 210 calories either. These are THE ultimate oatmeal cookies from heaven and I am thanking you for finally being able to have this recipe again! How do you store them so they stay crispy? But not necessary since they are so good just the way they are. In 1/2 the batch I added a handful raisins. Thanks for the recipe. In light of the fact that we are both very health conscious eating roughly 33 cookies per week, less a few here and there if my son visits, Is probably not a good thing. Thank you for sharing your recipe though, I might give it another try because the crunchiness was amazing! I added 3/4 teas cinnamon, and some raisins (of course, that adds extra sugar). I have to make a bunch of cookies w/o chocolate for a youth activity and these look delicious Just wondering if they freeze well. Add the egg and vanilla and beat on medium-low until well mixed, about 30 seconds. I added a small teaspoon of cinnamon powder, made for great flavour, delicious cookies. I need to tweak the amount of butter or find a substitute. Thank you for sharing! I can’t cook as far as one ca spit and the thought of me attempting to bake cookies made everyone in my house laugh and cringe. These were amazing!! 3) Gurl, Mel is American. I knew I had the ingredients at home so I googled “crispy oatmeal cookie” and found this one and so glad I did! (I’m Helen, too because I see that another Helen already posted ) Just made these and they turned out great!–in spite of the fact that I didn’t have but 2 cups of old fashioned oats so used 1/2 cup quick cooking oats for that last 1/2 cup.. THANK YOU! Hi! Even if I hadn’t added the raisins, I would have cut down the sugar. If so, I will definitely try this method. Crispy Top Oatmeal Bars. The first time I made these cookies was in 2007 after receiving the recipe in a Cook’s illustrated magazine which was lost in a move in 2010. do you think you could add coconut to these and get same success? I add 1/2 tsp. Hang in there. (Yuck! 2 tablespoons of cookie dough blended together, so I switched to 1 1/2. These came out amazing. 5 from 1 vote. Directions were easy, and detailed to create that perfect coolie. holy sh**!!!!!! This cookies did not spread or became flat like you said they would. HI Mel, great recipe, I changed the recipe a little bit. I too am a thick and chewy cookie lover. This is my FAVORITE Cookie recipe! I am not typically a huge oatmeal cookie fan but if you recommend something I think I always like it. They asked for them to be sent in lunches– which rarely happens with an oatmeal cookie. Total Time: 30 minutes. Forgot to rate! They taste ok just not what I was hoping for. Still a great recipe! Thanks for this truly delicious recipe. They’re gone. Thank you for sharing! You might need to let it rest at room temp to make it scoopable after chilling if the dough gets firm in the fridge. I don’t like the thick ones. They were crispy, fine, delicate and delicious!!! Because the entire blog is free. Except when I did it I browned the butter and it was sooooooo good! Best oatmeal cookies I’ve ever made! These are the kind of cookies you cannot put down when you start eating. It seems like results should have been the reverse. Now top the jam layer with the 1/2 cup of oatmeal mixture that we had set aside earlier. If you make them without tweaking the recipe, they should turn out exactly as described. ❣️. It’s interesting how most recipes, even ones we find in cookbooks, are just variations on old favorites. Hi Norah – I’d just try adding a few minutes to the baking time. Soft and puffy or thin and crisp? I have made them several times since I found your site. I hope you have your own blog. I hadaltered the recipe By using half a cup cane sugar half a cup truvia made by Stevia,  and added a quarter cup of ground flaxseed. Next time I will also cut the salt a little. <3. I found that strange at first but I never made cookies as crispy as that. The texture and flavor was fantastic. In fact, I just went through my house and threw away every recipe book that didn’t include weights. I want to make and freeze a variety of cookie dough so I can pop a cookie in the oven when we are snackish but I don’t know what type of cookie dough freezes the best. Crispy Top Oatmeal Bars. I just made them They’re awesome!! I found this recipe and your blog yesterday. Thank you, I love the oatmeal cookies. This was the one! You can try! I have been searching for the perfect oatmeal cookie recipe for my husband, who had surgery recently & is having problems eating most foods. Crispy but not flat like the usual crispy cookies. I’m in Germany – the ovens here are much smaller than in the US – not sure where you are but try to lower the temp and/or put the cookies on a higher rack or you can put foil on the bottom rack to block some of the heat from the bottom. They came out just as described (how often does that happen?) I baked them for the longer amount of time because I wanted them crispy all the way through. Ve made oats cookies so many times before..but this time it was actually perfect! Hands down the best oatmeal cookie you’ll ever wrap your lips around ! I made these cookies exactly as the recipe states. I formed all the cough into balls and placed them on an extra cookie sheet which was kept in the refrigerator while other cookies baked. As much as I wanted to make them exactly like the recipe  I used what I had on hand which was pancake mix instead of flour and water instead of the egg. My wife from Europe can make bake and cook magically!Worthy note:So I’m bored having a desire to cure my munchies knowing my wife likes well baked things and hates cookies let alone chewy ones!Wow did I get lucky tonight!I didn’t mess up the recipie and I like creativity! Cate – I don’t have a cookie recipe like the one you are looking for. Maybe I’ll change my tune one day but in my world, using unsalted butter is too fussy. I have never really liked oatmeal cookies. I added up the calories in all of the ingredients and divided by 36. i just finished making your cookies and they are soooooo good. I added chopped pecans and walnuts. Always works for me. I plan on making these a LOT. Wonderful recipe! (We couldn’t resist adding chocolate chips Yum- they would be out of this world with pecans). Have had fun reading things on your site and looking forward to making more recipes of yours. They are everyone’s favorite! These are crunchy and buttery and I can’t stop eating them. It’s unreal. Love them. I added a touch of cinnamon but this is definitely a cookie I’ll be making over and over! and I did for the others and they flattened out nice. One recipient told me, “I don’t like oatmeal cookies, but I love these cookies.” Thanks for another great recipe. I didn’t have old fashioned oats but I did have quick oats and they turned out great! Your email address will not be published. I’ve been looking for a recipe that utilizes oats but always stumble upon the cinnamon-ginger-raisin type.. My husband has wanted a crispy cookie for quite awhile; I’m so glad that I won’t need to try other recipes. In her opinion, there was no other cookie. Made it by hand ! It might effect the texture of the cookies or how much they flatten/don’t flatten, but I think others have tried it with good results. Of course, I will have to try one (or two) for the sake of research. I made a batch last week. She lives in a place called Idaho (think, Germany, but the Northern part and without the history and culture #nooffenseIdaho #okmaybesomeoffense). I’ll be very grateful!! Oops….not rice krispy treats, just rice krispy cereal…..and walnuts, not walnurs. Needs real sugar I think. In a heavy saucepan, heat the butter over medium until it melts just enough to coat the pan-bottom. Good luck! See, you were able to Google the conversion and find it right away. They really spread out alot- And that’s saying something as I’m an avid and experienced baker. Crispy, buttery, and completely addictive – I dare you to eat just one!